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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180


Colon Hydrotherapy– is referred to as colon irrigation, colonic’s, colon therapy, or high enemas. All these are names for Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment which uses safe filtered, temperature-controlled water for inner cleansing. to facilitate the removal of impacted waste. Only At Five Star Wellness Spa we utilize a state-of-the-art Colon hydrotherapy units.

Our Couples Colonic Therapy Is perfect for your loved one, family member or friend. We now have two Colonic Machines so we can accommodate two people at a time. Enjoy this convenient service at a discounted price [read more..]

Ear Candling: What is it?


Ear Candling– sometimes called ear cleansing or ear coning, is a process for removing unwanted materials from the ear. [read more..]

Beeswax ear candling $50.00

Body Wraps

is an all natural way to detoxify the body, cleanse the skin and achieve weight loss. Body Wrapping eliminates toxins and impurities that have built up in the body, and helps to rid the body of Cellulite. Smooths, tightens and softens skin [read more..].

Dead Sea Mud Wrap $100.00

Detoxifying Herbal Wrap $90.00


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