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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180

New York Inch Loss Body Wrap

Detoxifying New York body wrap treatments remove toxins from the body, shrink cellulite and facilitate weight loss. It is a completely safe, effective and natural technique that leaves skin smoother, softer and tighter. You will notice a difference after one NJ or NYC inch loss body wrap.

Herbal NJ and NYC Inch Loss Body Wrap with Aloe Vera

The herbal inch loss body wrap is designed to take off inches and detoxify your body by extracting toxins from the body through the pores of the skin, resulting in lost inches and nourished skin. Clients from New York City, New Jersey and the surrounding communities report that inches are lost on the initial visit. The herbs in this inch loss body wrap detoxify the body and the powerful ingredients of aloe vera soothe and heal the skin.

For Greater Success with New York Inch Loss Body Wrap

You can experience a big weight loss when you combine New York Inch loss body wrap with colonic therapy, exercise and healthy eating habits for greater success. It is also a highly effective treatment for dry, sun burned skin.

What to Expect at Your NYC Inch Loss Body Wrap

The detoxifying New York inch loss body wrap takes about one and a half hours. In preparation for your NYC inch loss body wrap, avoid eating large meals or drinking a lot of water. You will not be able to use the bathroom during the treatment. A light snack and a little water should suffice. Do not use oil or lotion on your skin the day of your appointment. Women should wear a cotton bra and panties and men should wear cotton boxers or, preferably briefs.

Make an Appointment for Your NJ and NYC Inch Loss Body Wrap

We have two New Jersey Locations and one in New York City offering the NJ and NYC inch loss body wraps and a variety of other detoxification treatments and spa services. Read more on our web site and call the most convenient location for you to schedule our New Jersey or New York inch loss boy wrap treatment. You may also book your appointment online.


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