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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180

New York Colonic

The best New York colonic therapy is available in neighboring Brooklyn. Five Star Colonic is a spa specializing in colonic and other treatments to promote overall health and wellness. There are many health benefits to colonic hydrotherapy in cleansing the colon, body detox, relieving abdominal symptoms and restoring balance to the body. Our clients report a feeling of lightness and overall well being after treatments.

Our staff is comprised entirely of Nationally Certified Colon Hydrotherapists with years of training and experience. We use only the very best equipment, the high tech LIBBE colon hydrotherapy unit for a gentle, effective cleansing treatment. The treatment gently removes impacted waste and flushes toxins from the body, which improves blood flow. The result is more effective functioning of the digestive, circulatory and cardiovascular systems of the body. Our clients travel from neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York for colonic therapy sessions at Five Star Colonic. Colonic therapy treatments are scheduled by appointment only in our spa. Please contact us for more information, to ask any questions you may have and to schedule your hydrotherapy treatment with one of our professionals.

In addition to serving our New York colonic clients, we offer additional services to rid the body of toxins and restore health and vitality. Our other services include body rub, ear candling, ionic detox and facials designed to assist the body in removing toxins and promoting improved health. Browse our website to read more about our services and contact us with any inquiries.


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