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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180

New Jersey Body Wrap

If you are looking for a New Jersey body wrap, Five Star Colonic offers body wrapping to clients in New Jersey. Our wellness center offers a wide range of health and wellness services. Body wrapping is increasing in popularity for the many weight loss, rejuvenation and detoxification benefits.

Body Wrapping for Weight Loss

Questions about weight loss are among the most commonly asked questions about body wrapping. The body wrap will help to detoxify the body and lose inches by shrinking cellulite. The results are immediately noticeable. For significant weight loss, combine this service with a healthy diet, exercise, and colonic therapy.

Eliminating Toxins with a New Jersey Body Wrap

Another significant benefit of body wrapping is to rid the body of toxins and impurities. We are exposed to toxins in the air we breathe, water, food, and products used on and in the body. Eliminating these toxins helps with weight loss, reduces stress, and induces a feeling of wellness. This helps to restore balance to the body for improved overall health and wellness.

Herbal Body Wraps

We offer an herbal body wrap with Aloe Vera to sooth the skin, detoxify the body, and reduce cellulite to help you lose inches. The wrap contains herbal ingredients and Aloe Vera for soothing and healing. The toxins are extracted through the pores, while the skin is softened and smoothed. In addition to losing inches and ridding the body of toxins, the herbal wrap helps to sooth sun burned and excessively dry skin.

Deep Sea Mineral Mud Wraps

This wrap uses unique minerals found in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea Mud Wrap contains no artificial ingredients, only natural minerals to remove toxins, reduce bloating, relieve stress, and heal the skin. This wrap is beneficial for deeper organs to draw out toxins and encourage the body’s natural recuperative power.

Dry Skin Brushing before a New Jersey Body Wrap

Dry skin brushing is available as an additional service before a body wrap. Dry brushing helps to remove dead skin cells, open the pores, and enables better penetration for the body wrap. If you are having a wrap to reduce cellulite, brushing helps to prepare the skin for the wrap and improve blood circulation for better results.


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