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Enema Center New York

The enema center at Five Star Wellness Center in NJ and NYC

Some people use a traditional enema for colon cleansing.  This type of enema will help with constipation but only cleanses the lower part of the colon.  An enema colonic irrigation procedure is designed to cleanse the colon of waste accumulated over the years.  Since it can take years for a colon to become impacted with waste and toxins, it may take more than one treatment to remove it and return the colon to its proper function.  You will feel better after each treatment and experience increased energy and fewer symptoms.

Benefits of the New York City and New Jersey Enema Centers

The trained and certified colonic hydro therapists at Five Star Wellness Centers in New Jersey and New York City offer enema colonic irrigation. Treatments are conducted in a relaxed spa atmosphere using state of the art and FDA approved equipment.   Enema colonic irrigation takes about 45 minutes and offers several health benefits relating to the cleansing of the colon.  A clean colon improves general bodily health.

Symptom Alleviation at the Enema Centers in NJ and NYC

As waste builds up in the colon, constipation and other symptoms, sallow complexion, dark under eye circles, brittle nails, tension, fatigue, allergies, indigestion, headaches, back aches, depression, irritability and nausea present. Clients of the Five Star Wellness Center in NYC and NJ report that enema colonic irrigation improves these symptoms and their overall health. They feel lighter and energized with an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Appointments at the NJ and NYC enema Centers

Please feel free to browse our web site for more information on the enema center in New York City and New Jersey locations or to schedule an appointment.  Our highly trained professional staff is ready to answer your questions about the NYC and NJ enema centers of the Five Star Wellness Centers.  We may be reached at the New York location by phone: 718-781-5210.


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