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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180

Colonics New Jersey

Have a healthy colon through Colonics in New Jersey and New York City

The importance of a healthy colon cannot be overstated. The health of the colon affects the health of the body. Accumulated toxic waste in the colon over time affects other parts of the body as well. At Five Star Colonics New Jersey, we provide colon hydration to bring the body back into balance to the body and restore it to health and wellness.

The Effects of Poor Colonic New Jersey Health

An unhealthy colon does not just affect digestive system with abdominal pain and intestinal discomfort but the immune system as well. It also causes headaches, fatigue, depression, bad breath and constipation. The condition of skin, hair and nails is directly affected by colon health and the buildup of toxins. The skin and hair become dull as the complexion turns sallow and nails become brittle. Colonics in New Jersey will alleviate these problems and rejuvenate your body to replace that sluggish feeling you may have accepted with resignation.

How Colonics in New Jersey Work

Purified water is infused through the colon to flush out wastes and toxins from the body. It is performed in privacy and clients from New York City NY, NJ, PA and Ct report little discomfort with this procedure.

Range of Colonic NJ Services

We offer a range of NJ colonic services that include colonic irrigation, body wraps, ionic foot detox, ear candling, skin care and massages. Our well trained and experienced staff uses the best equipment and proven techniques. Purified water is gently infused through the colon to flush toxins from the body. Clients from New York City NY, New Jersey, PA and CT report an increase in metabolism that contributes to their weight loss and greater energy levels.

Learn More about Colonics in New Jersey and New York City

Visit our web site to become better informed on our colonic NJ and NY and other detox and spa services. Our nationally certified hydro therapists are eager to answer your colonic questions and serve any of your needs in New Jersey and New York City. We offer price guarantees on any of our services.


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