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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180


A colonic is a treatment designed to remove impacted waste and toxins from the body. Colon irrigation has been used for centuries to remove the waste and toxins that build up in the colon. This build up happens over a period of years and can cause problems with digestion, cause you to feel sluggish and affects overall health and wellness. At Five Star Colonic, we provide colonics in NYC to bring the body back into balance, restoring health and wellness.

The waste and toxins that build up in the body can cause a wide range of symptoms, including digestive symptoms, fatigue, and headaches and can cause the skin and hair look dull and the nails can become brittle. Colonic hydrotherapy works to remove impacted waste and toxins from the body to relieve these symptoms and promote wellness.

A colonic removes these toxins in a gentle and effective treatment. At Five Star Colonics, our nationally certified and experienced colon hydrotherapists use the best quality equipment and colon cleansing techniques to provide a gentle treatment in our clinic. The colonic uses a gentle infusion of water with massage techniques that are designed to loosen and remove impacted waste from the colon.

We offer colonic irrigation and several other services that are designed to rid the body of toxins and improve overall heath and wellness. Browse our website to learn more about New Jersey colonics, body wraps, facials, body rubs and our many other services. Our treatments are available by appointment, so please call us to schedule an appointment or for answers to any questions you may have about colon hydrotherapy or our other services.


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