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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180

Colonic Treatment

Colonic hydrotherapy is among the most significant treatment modalities available for several health problems. Most of the health experts feel that the origin of disease lies in the colon. To be in perfect health condition the colon must be functioning normally.

Colon not only help in the digestion of the food but also get rid of waste products from the body. When the colon is clogged up with accumulated feces, it fails to perform its natural function. If feces are not removed from the body it gets deposited in the colon walls which result in the release of harmful toxins and poisonous gases. Eventually the blood gets polluted and infects the organs it runs through.

Colonic Treatment–to clean, maintain and restore optimum colon health!

Based at New Jersey and New York, Five Star Wellness Center is a holistic minded beauty and wellness center that is dedicated to well-being and high quality service. Our Colonic Treatment has helped several people to overcome complex health problems and maintain good health in the future.

During Colonic Treatment you will be asked to lie on your side or back. Our I-Act Certified therapists will insert a soft plastic tube in your rectum and pump approximately fifteen gallons of safe filtered, temperature-controlled water to gently flush the colon. Through proper use of advanced LIBBE colon hydrotherapy unit, massage, pressure points, our expert therapists ensure high quality colonic treatment in a process that is over in just 30-45 minutes.

Try our colonic treatment–a smart way to keep yourself healthy, at an extremely affordable price!


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