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21 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 3 Colonic Sessions for $180

Colonic New York

Colonic NY, NJ and New York City

Anyone concerned with colon health should consider the Five Star Colonic New York and New Jersey centers. Since 2001 we have been committed to the holistic approach of health and wellness. Many do not see the connection between colon health and general health until they receive their first colonic NY treatment.

Colon Hydrotherapy at Five Star Colonic NY

We provide colon hydrotherapy in Brooklyn, New York City and New Jersey locations that also draw clients from PA and Ct and their surrounding areas. They recognize that balance is restored when harmful toxins and wastes are removed from the colon.

How Colonic New York therapy Works

Colon Hydrotherapy employs the colonic irrigation method where purified water is passed through the colon to flush out toxins and other wastes from the body. Colonic irrigation has been used throughout the world for many centuries for accumulated toxin waste in the colon. Our clients from NY, NJ, PA and Ct marvel at the rejuvenating effect of colonic New York treatment.

Benefits of Colonic New York and New Jersey Treatment Centers

Colonic therapy speeds up your metabolism to help with weight loss, improves the digestive and immune systems, minimizes allergy and irritable bowel syndrome issues, and helps with skin problems. At Five Star Colonic NY and NJ, our nationally certified hydro therapists use the top quality equipment and colon cleansing techniques to restore the body/s balance and improve its general health and wellness.

Colonic Deals in NYC

Visit our web site to take advantage of colonic deals NYC on our treatments. Our price match guarantee assures you that we will never be under sold. We offer healthy body detox and a variety of other spa services in New York City and New Jersey.  These services include colonics, ionic foot detox, ear candling, skin care, body wrap and massage.

Treatments Are by Appointment Only at Colonic NYC or NJ Locations

Schedule an appointment with our certified professional for any service that suits your need for colonic NYC treatments. You may reach our New York at 718-781-5210.


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