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Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is a procedure to remove the waste material including all the toxins gathered in the bowel over the years. It is also known as colonic hydrotherapy. It can help remove traces of faeces (stools) and other waste products and identify worms or parasites living in your gut, which some people believe can poison the body if allowed to remain for a long time.

It is also known as an alternative therapy and there is no real medical evidence to prove that it is effective. However, some people believe it can help with conditions including bloating, flatulence (wind), diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), fatigue, allergies, indigestion, constipation, multiple sclerosis (MS), and back pain.

It’s very simple but effective treatment of your bowels. You can go back home in less than two hours under therapist’s observation!

There is no special preparation for colonic irrigation. Large meals and nor lots of liquid is advised either. After a talk with the therapist and upon satisfactory answering of our queries about your medical history, you will have a brief rectal examination before the procedure begins.

You may have to lie on your back for about 10 minutes, while the therapist gently massages your abdomen to help the process along. The whole procedure should take not more than an hour.


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