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Brooklyn Ear Candling

Brooklyn Ear Candling New York NY

Ear candling is a noninvasive procedure that cleans ears with precision to help with various ear disorders. NYC ear candling is more comfortable and less expensive than conventional ear cleaning where water is forced into the ear canal. This is an ancient form of therapy that has been practiced for centuries in China, Czechoslovakia, Italy and Mexico. It has been gaining popularity, especially in nursing homes and alternative NJ and NYC health centers.

How NYC Ear Candling Works

A long, slender, cylindrical candle, lighted on one side, is inserted into the ear. The heat of the candle melts all the wax that has accumulated in the ears and draws it out with any other impurities. Residents of New Jersey and New York City and the surrounding areas find It to be an excellent and completely painless treatment for removing excess buildup of wax in the ears.

The Benefits of NJ and NYC Ear Candling

Clients report that NJ and NYC Ear Candling helps relieve tinnitus or the ringing sound in the ears, alleviates sinus pressure and pain, assists in the relief in the discomfort of swimmer’s ear, and ear itch caused by molds, yeasts and dairy allergies. Besides ridding the ear of excess wax, it provides relief for vertigo and Meniere’s syndrome and other ear problems which lead to better health, the enhanced flow of lymphatic fluid, a balanced mental state and clarity of thought.

Before Undertaking Brooklyn Ear Candling in New York NY

The procedure of Brooklyn Ear Candling in New York NY is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment or care of ailments or diseases of the ear. Always seek medical advice before any procedure in New York City, New Jersey or any other location.

Visit Five Star Colonic for more information on ear candling or our other colonic and spa services with our highly trained, certified professional staff.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have or to make an appointment at one of our two New Jersey locations or at our Brooklyn Ear Candling facility in New York City.


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