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Brooklyn Colonic

Brooklyn Colonic Restores Balance and General Health

Since 2001 Five Star Wellness Center, a holistic minded beauty and detox center, has operated on the philosophy that tomorrow’s health is built on what you do today. Its Brooklyn colonic center offers colonic and other spa services to residents from NY, NJ, PA and CT.

How a Brooklyn Colonic Helps

A colonic at the Brooklyn colonic center is a gentle, effective treatment designed to cleanse the body by removing impacted waste and toxins from the body to restore it to balance.  Accumulated toxins affect the rest of the body and cause symptoms of constipation, abdominal pain, headache, sallow complexion, bad breath and depression.  Skin and hair are affected as well and appear dull while nails become brittle.

Brooklyn Colonic Hydration

Colonic hydration therapy is designed to remove toxins using the method of colonic irrigation. Colon irrigation has been used for centuries to remove waste and toxins that have accumulated over a period of years, causing that sluggish feeling and other digestive problems which affect the body’s overall health.  People seeking colonic irrigation in New York City should visit the Brooklyn colonic center.

How Does Brooklyn Colonic Work

Colon Hydrotherapy is designed to remove toxins and other accumulated waste from the colon with colonic irrigation.  A gentle infusion of purified water is passed through the colon accompanied by a gentle massage to flush out waste.

Brooklyn Colonic services and Staff

Our nationally certified and experienced hydro therapists use the best quality equipment and colon cleansing techniques.  We offer a range of services including colonics, Swedish massage, skin care, body wraps, ear candling, ionic foot detoxification and infrared sauna.

Our professional staff is eager to serve your needs in our state of the art facility.  Since 2001 we have served the needs of New York City and New Jersey residents, as well as PA and CT at our Brooklyn colonic location in. Browse our web site to learn more about Brooklyn colonics or to schedule an appointment.  You are welcome to call for answers to any questions you may have regarding our services.


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