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The New Jersey Body Wrap

The detoxifying New Jersey body wrap is an advanced development that cleanses the body of toxins and impurities, shrinks cellulite and facilitates weight loss. It is not a weight loss gimmick and involves no pills or shots. The New Jersey body wrap is a natural treatment that rejuvenates, revitalizes and firms up sagging skin for clients from New York City, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Types of New Jersey Body Wraps

Our herbal body wrap contains herbs for detoxifying and aloe to soothe and heal skin. This body wrap is designed to extract toxins from the body through the pores of the skin and results in inches lost on the initial NJ or NYC visit.

The Dead Sea wrap uses mud from Israel’s Dead Sea that is a completely natural, mineral rich mud that contains no artificial preservatives, dyes, perfumes or synthetic ingredients.  People travel there from all around the world to experience the healthful benefits of this mud now available to residents of NJ or NYC. The minerals in this mud draw toxins from the deeper organs, minimize bloating, improve hydration, reduce stress and promote healing.

Benefits of the New Jersey Inch Loss Body Wrap

The New Jersey body wrap is a completely safe and effective natural treatment that leaves your skin conditioned to a smoother, softer and tighter state.  The difference should be noticeable after one New Jersey body wrap. You can expect to experience big weight loss when used in combination with colonic therapy, exercise and good eating habits.

New Jersey Inch Loss Body Wrap

Our herbal body wrap with aloe vera provides a soothing New Jersey inch loss body wrap treatment and the powerful healing ingredient of pure aloe vera. Toxins are extracted through the pores resulting in fabulous inch loss. The aloe vera softens soothes and nourishes skin. It is also highly effective for soothing dry, sun burned skin.

Restrictions of the New Jersey Body Wrap

People with certain medical conditions need written permission from their physicians before receiving a body wrap treatment. Consult our web site for a listing of these and for any questions you may have about the New Jersey inch loss body wrap or any of our spa services in New York City or two locations in New Jersey.


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