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Who requires colon treatment?

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Colon cleansing is one of the most popular colon treatments available today to ensure complete health and wellbeing. This article seeks to explore its utility and effectiveness in the current scenario.

The earliest evidence of natural colon cleansing is found in ancient Greece. The practice was common in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines too. However, colon treatment did not catch up in the US until the mid 1920s and 1930s. Even so, due to lack of studies and evidence supporting its effectiveness, colon cleansing lost its popularity soon after. In recent years, though, colon treatment using natural herbs, teas and colonic irrigation has experienced a surge in popularity.

So, is colon cleansing good for us? Who needs it? More important, do YOU need it? The following information can help you decide whether you may benefit from such a treatment.

There are two ways in which natural colon cleansing takes place:

  1. Using cleansing products
  2. Colonic irrigation

In the former case, powdered or liquid products are taken in to force the colon to expel deposited wastes and toxins. Most of these products are found in health food stores and pharmacies. Some examples of such products are laxatives, enemas, enzymes and antiparasitic capsules. It must be remembered, however, that the use of these products could have unforeseen side effects. Also, some products like laxatives may be habit forming.

The second option is to approach a practitioner for colon cleansing. Many people are discovering that this is the better alternative when it comes to complete detoxification.

The procedure is carried out by a colonic hygienist or colonic therapist. The patient is typically made to lie down and a machine or a gravity-operated pump flushes the colon with water through a tube that is inserted in the rectum. After sufficient water enters the colon, the therapist may massage the abdomen. Then, the liquid along with the wastes is flushed out through another tube. The process may be repeated in case the therapist finds it necessary. Each session could last up to an hour.
Colonic irrigation is somewhat similar to enema, another popular colon treatment. However, there is a vital difference between the two. Enema is an open system while colonics is a closed system. Enemas are often uncomfortable and sometimes painful too. Colonic irrigation generates less discomfort and pain, while ensuring maximum results.

In order to ensure maximum effectiveness, the colonic therapist may make use of varying temperatures of liquids. They may also combine the liquid with herbs, coffee, enzymes and other probiotics [products containing beneficial bacteria].

Colon treatment has a direct impact on the nervous system. It relieves a wide range of symptoms associated with constipation bringing about immediate results like:

  • Overcoming gas, bloating and feelings of fullness
  • Overcoming liquid retention
  • Higher degree of concentration
  • Higher energy levels
  • Losing weight
  • Improvement in health of the immune system

Colon treatments like colonic irrigation have become popular following greater awareness of the importance of colon health. In the past, a large majority of people suffered from constipation and other such problems in silence. However, in recent years, more and more people realize that a healthy colon is responsible for all-round health. The buildup of toxins within the colon lies behind several illnesses, diseases and discomforts experienced by people, like fatigue, food allergies, head ache, weight gain and so on.


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