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What are the Services offered at a Wellness Center Brooklyn?

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If you have ever visited a wellness Center in Brooklyn, chances are you must have felt overwhelmed by its services. Their services comprise therapeutic massage, rejuvenating treatments, wellness sessions, natural medicines and products, bodywork and lifestyle education. Aimed at promoting healthy living, these wellness centers create customized solutions for clients, based on their individual needs. They offer a holistic healthcare system that focuses on personal growth, preventive care and stress managment.

Wellness Center Brooklyn: Services Offered

Here are the main services that a reputable Wellness Center in Brooklyn offers:

Colonic hydrotherapy: Colonic hydrotherapy involves the gentle infusion of water into the colon through the rectum. Hydrotherapists also use light massage and several water intakes and outputs to remove the toxic waste. Colonic hydrotherapy not only helps remove toxins, but also rejuvenates the body and restores colon to its natural shape
and function. It also restores the body’s pH balance, prevents the absorption of toxins, enhances immunity and strengthens natural colonic movements and contractions. After the infusion, the waste is discreetly drained out without any offensive odor, with due respect to the person. This therapy is particularly useful for people who are overweight or suffer from constipation, allergy, headaches, diarrhea or fatigue (as it may indicate unhealthy colon).

Infrared sauna: A safe, powerful and inexpensive way of toxin removal, infrared sauna stimulates sweat glands for cleansing and detoxification. The heat warms up the tissue up to several inches, resulting in fat mobilization and increased metabolism. The sauna can also be used at home to remove the body’s stresses and strains. It also increases blood circulation, resulting in a strengthened cardiovascular system. It reduces blood pressure and aids in recovery and healing for the injured. Spending time in the infrared sauna during winters can also enhance the mood, as it offers warmth and comfort.

Skin care: Skin care therapy at a wellness center in Brooklyn consists of treatments, such as organic facials, painless waxing and light therapy. With organic facials, users enjoy the vitality of organic fruit and herbs and the benefits of aromatherapy. Painless waxing also helps in safe, painless and quick hair removal. Light therapy helps treat circadian rhythm disorders by exposing one to specific light wavelengths.

Ionic foot bath detox: It uses stainless steel and brass electrodes to balance, and increase bioenergy (referred to as chi in Chinese medicine). It not only enhances vitality, energy and stamina, it also detoxifies the body of pollution, radiation and other pollutants trapped in the skin, which clog the pores and block detoxification.

Swedish massage therapy: A full body massage therapy, it relieves tension and stress from the muscles. It also improves circulation, and removes impurities from the body, resulting in a rejuvenated, refreshed you.

So, visit a Wellness Center Brooklyn today, and enjoy health and comfort like never before!


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