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Types of Colon Therapy Systems

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Colon therapy also known as colon hydrotherapy is a procedure by which, additional waste or toxins from the body are removed. This is done with use of a water based technique of irrigation, which cleanses the large intestine. A well known process, which has been often used by celebrities, it is touted as offering effective solutions to issues like skin problems, constipation, and weight loss and also helps in detoxification. However, the process has drawn much criticism due its possible ill effects.

Through this write-up, we will get to know the systems through which this therapy is performed.

Colon Therapy: Types of Systems

Colon therapy is generally done through two systems i.e. the open and the closed system. What is important though is that the therapist in charge of the therapy should have the license from the state to perform the procedure.
It is very important to know in advance about both the systems as well as the therapist who will be performing the therapy as this will give you a better idea about the procedure.

Open System Colon Therapy
The open system colon therapy uses the LIBBE (Lower Intestinal Bottom Bowel Evacuation) equipment. In this system, the client is made to rest on a fiberglass table. Then, to allow feces evacuation, a basin is carved out of the table. Further, to connect the seat to a water supply connection, a speculum is fixed to it and is placed above the basin that was cut out earlier.

The therapist then illustrates the procedure of inserting the tube after which the client will be allowed to do it in absolute privacy. After that, the therapist starts injecting gravity fed water to the colon, which is done through the rectum. Once it is done, the client will be expected to push the water and the waste as is done at the time of bowel movement.

Closed System Colon Therapy

In the closed system colon therapy, the table is utilized like a massage table. Here, the therapist inserts a tube into the rectum of the client, which is then connected to the water supply. Also, instead of the water being gravity fed, it is pressurized and monitored in order to ensure whether the pressure and the temperature are right.

Now, the water filled in the colon will be drained out along with the feces through the tube used earlier.

This method cannot be used on clients who generally pass big pieces of feces. In addition, the water that is highly pressurized, adds a bit of risk to this system.

Therefore, if you plan to get a colon therapy done, make sure you choose the right therapist who can guide you about which system would be the best for your health. Also, make sure that the process is completed without any compromise on hygiene and cleanliness as they are key to successful colon therapy.


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