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The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

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Today we are happy to introduce a new service that is offered at our Wellness Centers.

Dry Skin Brushing! Some might think that it is a painful procedure. Guess what, Skin Brushing is not painful at all! On the other hand, it is powerful, very relaxing, soothing and one of the natural detoxifying techniques that will help you keep your skin looking cleaner, younger and healthier.

Dry Brushing is an old and very productive method of skin detox. It was used for centuries by Russians Dutch and Turks at their bath houses, to improve circulation, prevent skin drying and to restore skin balance.

Let’s start with some Dry Skin Brushing facts:

Skin is the largest and one of the well known eliminative organ of the entire body. It is responsible for one -third of the body’s detoxification process every day. Every day an average person eliminates about a liter of waste acids through sweat glands. Things like body soaps, body creams, deodorants, perfumes, as well as, synthetic clothing may lead to improper skin balance. Therefore, all the above will clog pores, cause toxicity and varieties of other skin problems.

If dead skin is not removed on the daily basis, pores get clogged up and skin becomes inactive, which leads to impurities within the body. Dry Skin Brushing helps remove layers of dead skin, opens pores, restores the elimination process and provides better absorption of nutrients. Dry Skin Brushing also stimulates other detoxification organs such as kidneys, colon, liver, lungs and lymphatic system. It does that by providing smooth and gentle internal massage.

There are many more other Dry Skin Brushing benefits:

  • Helps remove cellulite and get rid of stretch marks.
  • Tightens both skin and muscles.
  • Stimulates circulation and hormone production.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage as well as, digestion.
  • Strengthens immune system.
  • Prevents skin aging.

If you are considering a Dry Skin Brushing and would like to know more about this service Please Call Us. 🙂


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