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The Benefits of an Age-Old Practice: Ear Candling

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The importance of clean ears is not something that most of us put too much thought into on a daily basis. It’s kind of just a habit and a part of our everyday hygienic routine.

Most people tend to use Q-tips to keep their ears tidy, but a little known fact is that they actually worsen the buildup of ear wax. We’ve all heard it from our doctors at some point, “never stick Q-tips into your ears!” but did we ever listen? After you take that swipe or two with those Q-tips, you assume that you’ve done your job; the inside of your ear is now ‘clean as a whistle’ right? Wrong. The single, innocent cotton swab may actually cause PERMANENT damage to your ear drum. If you really think about it, each time you use a Q-tip you’re literally pushing it into your ear which means that you’re also pushing the ear wax deeper into the ear canal. This action may eventually rupture your ear drum and that, fellow readers, is quite a scary thought.

At Five Star Wellness Center, one of our services includes the ancient art of ear candling. It is a safe and effective alternative method for in-ear cleansing. It is a simple 30-45 minute procedure in which a hollow candle stick is inserted into the ear and a wick is lit at the opposite end. There is, of course, a non-flammable divider between your ear and the burning end of the candle. Once the procedure is completed, the candle will be taken out and you may marvel at all the things that have been held hostage within your ear. I’m sure many of you are now asking in bewilderment, “why would I want to put a candle into my head?” Well, there are quite a few benefits to this age-old practice and interestingly enough, most find this procedure to be very soothing and not nearly as scary as it sounds. So why not give it a try?

On a final note, here are some fascinating benefits of ear candling:

  • Better hearing
  • Reliefs tension headaches and migraines
  • Absence of noises in the ears
  • Better lymphatic circulation
  • Loss of excess wax
  • Pressure regulation
  • Cleansing of the sinus cavities
  • Relief from vertigo and Meniere’s disease

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