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Some Innovative New York Spa Treatments

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Did you know that almost one third of the American population is reeling under the impacts of severe and unmanageable stress? These were startling facts provided by an American Psychological Association study, conducted a few years back. Naturally, more and more Americans are looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate, for a productive and disease free living. No wonder, New York Spa which provide for various innovative rejuvenation programs are very much in demand these days. When you choose to visit one, always make sure that the choice is a well deliberated one.

New York Spas can also be chosen on the basis of the services or programs they offer. Spa offerings have undergone tremendous metamorphosis in the past few years. Ideally, one that provides for some truly unique services and solutions should be perhaps preferred. The idea would be to land a spa treatment that has something different in store for you. The programs should also be able to cater to your specific needs and wants.

Some Unique New York Spa Treatments to Choose from

Listed below are some of the most novel programs propounded by New York Spas, in recent times:

  1. Ear Candling: New York Spas and wellness centers that provide for ear candling have successfully revived an age old ear cleaning procedure for your benefit. Special candles are used for cleaning the ear canals, through a painless process. It helps in eliminating ear noises, improves hearing, treats associated aches and pains within the ear, regulates ear pressure and improves lymphatic circulation. The process of ear candling has become so popular, that it is being increasingly resorted to by alternative health care centers too, as an effective means of ear cleaning.
  2. Body Wraps: Wellness centers and spas are offering body wraps for effective and speedy weight loss. Body wraps are used to target the cellulite deposits located right under the skin. It shrinks the cellulite tissues and eliminates toxins from the body, resulting in a fitter and toned look. Body Wraps help in losing significant amount of weight in one single session. There are no artificial cream applications or diet fads involved. It also softens and conditions the skin in the process.
  3. Colonic Weight Loss: Most established New York Spas and wellness centers are also offering colonic weight loss as a popular option. It is basically a colon cleansing procedure which helps improving metabolic rates of the body and improves digestion. The result is significant weight loss and complete detoxification of the system. The toxic wastes which might have accumulated in the colon are thrown out, paving the path for a healthier and more energetic life.
  4. The Infrared Sauna: Infrared saunas use infrared radiations to create a sauna like effect. It helps the body to flush out the toxins through sweating and also facilitates calorie burning. A 10 minute infrared sauna is as effective as half an hour of intense cardio exercises. The body is allowed to build a strong immune system and muscle pains and aches are relieved as well.



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