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New York Ear Candling: Fact Vs Fiction

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“The reality is that Ear candles are an incredible holistic wellness modality. In fact, most holistic therapies have some “energy” affect on our body’s cellular electrical system, including the meridian and reflexology systems, which overlay our subtle nadis human system,” says the report “The Authenticity, Usage and Efficacy of Ear Candles” produced by Clayton College of Natural Health – Douglasville, 2007.  While the benefits of ear candling are varied, there have been some common misconceptions around the procedure. Here’s a look at some common myths about the New York ear candling procedure.

Myths about NYC Ear Candling Procedure Busted

The procedure of NYC Ear Candling originates from the ancient method of ear candling that dates back to many centuries. Ear candling has been in use for natural, physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing for long. The same process is followed at Five Star Wellness Center.

  • Opposing many beliefs, NYC Ear Candling process is quite safe.  The procedure is undertaken by certified experts and done in compliance with all the standard safety measure at the Five Star Wellness Center.
  • No obstruction is caused in the ear canal by the dripping of wax. Following the preventive measures, poses no such consequence.
  • The procedure renders a holistic feeling to the person undergoing the process
  • Contrary to a common misconception, NYC Ear candling process is totally non invasive and is hundred percent effective in cleansing the ear passage
  • In order to make sure that no negative effects occur, sterilized equipments and specially designed Bee wax candles for high efficiency are used at Five Star Wellness Center
  • The process is cost effective too

Experience the energy rendering and cleansing effects of the New York Ear Candling process at Five Star Wellness Center, for best results.


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