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New York Ear Candling: Working and Benefits of Ear Candling

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Ear candling is an alternative therapy that dates back to 2500 BC. References of this therapy can be found in ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Mayans, Tibetans, Chinese, Indians, and many parts of the Orient. Initially, it was offered only to great warrior, religious leaders, or those at the peak of the social ladder. However today it is widely used in U.S. and many modern countries across the world. Many Americans, along with the health care that they obtain from their primary health care practitioner, prefer to include alternative medicine methods. One of these methods is Ear Candling which is now being chosen to tackle minor illnesses involving the sinuses, the respiratory system and the ears. This service is also offered by many beauty salons in New York. Ear Candling is thus a harmless, non-invasive natural soothing cleansing method.

New York Ear Candling: How it Works

In New York, ear candling involves the use of hollow candle known as the ear candle. The narrow end of the hollow candle is held gently on to the edge of the ear. The other end of the candle is then lit. The smoke is pulled down into the ear canal because of the spiral of the cone. The flame creates vacuum in the ear. The wax and other material are drawn out from the ear canal to the base of the candle because of the heat and the vacuum created. During the process of burning a lot of cracking and hissing sound is heard which is the sound of the wax being removed. Once the process is complete, the candle is cut open in order to check the amount of the debris in it which gives idea about the effectiveness of the procedure. Some of the residue is from the candle itself while some from the ear.

New York Ear Candling: Benefits

It has been claimed by the providers of ear candling in New York and other cities across the globe that the process has several vital health benefits. However, one of the significant benefits is its simulating and revitalizing effect on the central nervous system, especially the brain. It also helps to reduce stress and restore emotional balance. Given below are some of the benefits that the providers of the technique of ear candling:

  • Helps remove yeasts, allergies or just built up wax.
  • Removal of excessive wax from the ear aids better hearing.
  • Helps in getting rid of a yeast allergy known as ‘cadidia’ which causes itching in the ear.
  • The growth of bacteria in the ear along with the ear wax leads to ‘swimmers ear’. This does not allow the water to clear from the ear. However ear candling provides relief from the ‘swimmers ear’.

Mucus is often blown into the ear from the Eustachian tube. According to the providers of the technique of ear candling in New York and other cities, this treatment helps release the pressure from the ear and thus relieves pain.

Contraindications of Ear Candling

Although ear candling is the safest and most effective ear cleaning process, the advocates of ear candling in New York and other major cities does not recommend it for those having:

  • Perforation or cysts in the ear
  • Fitted grommets in the ear
  • Recently undergone an ear, nose or throat surgery

It is always recommended to consult a reputed practitioner of ear candling in New York or any other city where one locally reside, before going in for the treatment.

In New York, ear candling should only be done by experienced and skilled professionals. Choose a holistic centre that offers a wide range of services apart from ear candling and enhance your sense of well being.


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