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New York Body Wrap: Three Popular Types

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Saloon body wraps were first started in United States in 1960s which provided immediate, efficient and visible inch loss to any given body part within an hour or two. Body wraps have been used for centuries. The reason behind high class Egyptian women being very beautiful in spite of the hot and sandy climate which is adverse to the skin was the use of body wraps in ancient Egypt. They were used for healing the body, comforting the spirits and titivating the skin. The improvised version of this treatment is being used in many beauty salons in New York. Body wrap is not any kind of dehydration procedure; it is the use of mineral or natural herbs that helps in detoxification of the body and shrinking the size of your cells.

Types of Popular Body Wrap in New York

There are many types of body wraps that are available in New York. Body wraps which are most popular are:

  • Herbal wrap

In New York, the body wrap that makes use of selected herbs known for their nourishing properties especially Aloe Vera is called herbal wrap. After being blended with oils, the herbs are steeped in very hot water. Cloth sheets are then drenched in the obtained solution and draped around the entire body. This procedure nourishes the skin by removing the dead skin.

  • Mud wrap

This New York body wrap makes use of a therapeutic mud. This is applied to the entire body and left for some times so that the nutrients in the mud are absorbed by the skin which is later the mud is removed with hot towels. Mud has anti-stress properties that help in easing water retention and cleansing up of the pores. Mud wraps are known for tightening up of the skin as they increase blood circulation and remove toxins from the skin .For maximum benefits, many beauty salons recommend an exfoliating shower before body wrap in New York.

  • Algae and Seaweed wrap

This treatment of body wrap in New York consists of application of seaweed or algae wrapped in a foil on the full body. Both these ingredients can be easily absorbed by the skin as they are rich in amino acids and vitamins. These two ingredients assist the body in releasing toxins through sweat and thus help in detoxification of the body. For enhanced results, clients are requested not to use soap when showering immediately after this treatment.

Body wrap is thus one of the most natural ways to moisturize and improve your skin. In New York, body wrap treatment is found in many spas that incorporate distinctive ingredients in to their body wrap components.


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