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New Jersey Wellness Center

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Did you know that a New Jersey Wellness Center can offer you three different ways to lose weight and also body cleansing and spa services? At our New Jersey Wellness Center, we offer you all of the above and much more. We, Five Star Wellness Center, provide three different sorts of weight loss treatments that you can avail from our New Jersey Wellness Center. We offer Infrared Sauna, Body Wrap and Colonic Hydrotherapy. We specialize in colonic hydrotherapy which is one of the most advanced methods of weight loss and over all enhancing health and well-being.

Colonic Hydrotherapy at Our New Jersey ( NJ ) Wellness Center

Colonic hydrotherapy also known as colon irrigation is an intricate process of weight loss which triggers weight loss with the help of enhancing body metabolism. Sometimes poor metabolism can lead to inefficiency of weight loss through natural methods. Colonic irrigation assures that you lose weight improve overall body metabolism leading to other benefits such as improves immunity, reduces constipation occurrences, reduces allergies and Eczema, decreases gas and bloating, lowers symptoms for women during PMS and even reduces the occurrences of headaches. We thrive on our experience and expertise in this service with perfected and professional approach for the whole process.

Other Special Treatments at Our New Jersey Wellness Center

There are other services and treatments that our New Jersey Wellness Center has to offer you. This includes:

  • Infrared Weight Loss Treatment
  • Body Wrapping- another weight loss treatment
  • Skin care services
  • Foot Detoxification
  • Ear Candling

Our New Jersey Wellness Center intends to provide you high quality services at reasonable prices. This means that we offer seasonal discounts and offers for people from time to time. We also ensure that your convenience and comfort issues for all our treatments are well met.


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