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The 3 Most Effective New Jersey Weight Loss Treatments

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The human body is an electro-chemical system that is intelligent enough to heal itself from most external afflictions. Anybody who thinks that he/she is overweight and needs to straighten up, should be able to provide the body that opportunity to initiate and undergo this self-healing process. Unsuccessful attempts at losing weight naturally, suggests that something is wrong with the body or its metabolism, which could be blocking its natural ability to shed away the extra pounds. The idea should not be to lose weight to stay healthy, rather, to stay healthy and lose weight. Fortunately, there are several medical and alternative therapies on offer today that can prepare and assist the body in losing weight naturally and holistically. Let us take a look at a few of the most recommended New Jersey weight loss support treatments.

Colon Hydrotherapy – An Ingenious New Jersey Weight Loss Enabling Procedure

Colon hydrotherapy is a highly effective New Jersey weight loss enabling therapy. The colon is basically the organ that moves digested food inside the abdominal girth using a peristaltic action. Its main function is to store the body’s waste material, and a variety of vital vitamin producing bacteria. It also helps absorb water, nutrients, proteins, and cell-salts back into the blood stream. Being a reflex organ, the colon has electrical links to all other parts, organs, and systems of the body. Therefore, when long accumulated wastes become toxic and slow down other bodily functions, it directly affects the weight and body mass index of the individual.

One of the best ways to stay healthy and retain a perfect BMI is by complementing a healthy diet and physical exercise with a periodic colon hydrotherapy. It is a procedure that involves the gentle infusion of filtered, temperature controlled water into the colon via sterile and disposable rectal tubes. This is arguably the safest and the most effective non-chemical way to get rid of toxins, trapped gasses, and accumulated wastes in the large intestine. Laxatives or enemas can help clear the lower parts, but are not able to access almost four feet of the entire colon.

Other Popular New Jersey Weight Loss Therapies

Body Wrapping: This advanced procedure helps shrink excessive cellulite from under the surface of the skin, eliminating various toxic chemicals and other impurities from the body. The result is a smooth and soft exterior. This is a completely safe procedure to condition and tighten loose or sagging skin. When used in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet, this treatment can rid the body of excessive and unhealthy fat content.

Infrared Sauna/Heat Therapy: Infrared sauna mobilizes the body’s natural toxin eliminating processes by stimulating the sweat glands. This leads not only to the detoxification of the skin, but also the burning of excess fat deep under the skin tissue. An hour long infrared sauna session can burn up to 600 calories from the body. Heat therapy also boosts the immune system, reduces cellulite, reinforces the cardio-vascular system, relaxes the muscles and joints, and rids the body of all heavy metals.

The good news for people in and around New York City is that a number of these treatments and therapies are available at highly specialized and duly accredited clinics in the area, which offer all the aforementioned therapies and more at surprisingly affordable prices. To schedule an appointment, or for more information on the best New Jersey weight loss treatments, contact Five Star Wellness Centers at 718-781-5210 (New York), or visit their website at


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