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Most Successful New York Weight Loss Techniques

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So you don’t have time to sweat it out in the gym? Or the time to strictly follow the Atkins diet? With a chaotic and super fast routine in New York, weight loss always remains a concern for which there’s a will but not the right way. You want to address it sooner than later but don’t find the time to follow a disciplined approach towards it. Well, we have the answer to it, if you have a will, or the willingness to lose weight, we’ll help you find a way too!

New York Weight Loss: Top Four Time Saving Methods

Losing weight is probably always at the back of your mind – when you’re dressing up for work or a party, when you see a perfectly shaped model in the magazine, and also when you’re eating that mouth watering steak. What you lack is the time and motivation to shed those extra pounds. In a city like New York, weight loss is easier said than done. Go through some of the tried and tested means to lose weight now.

1. Healthy choices

You’ve probably heard of these a million times before but simply forget to implement in your daily routine. Well, we’re here to remind you that there’s no gain, without a little bit of pain. Ditch that elevator at work for a flight of stairs. Instead of hitchhiking with your office colleague, walk your way back home. Drink lots of water and snack on fresh fruits two to three times a day.

2. Colonic irrigation

If years and years of bad food habits have taken a toll on your body and internal systems, colonic irrigation is the thing for you. Colonic therapy or colon hydrotherapy is a procedure which detoxifies your digestive system completely so that you feel light and refreshed. It flushes out the harmful toxins from your body to give you a renewed vigor and sense of rejuvenation. Many New York weight loss centers and wellness spas provide Colon Hydrotherapy. Sauna treatments also help in losing weight.

3. Bariatric Medicine

This is a branch of medicine which deals with treatment, causes and prevention of obesity. It includes counseling, nutrition and exercise. Behavioral therapy is used to determine the causes of weight gain which are unique to every individual. Based on that, a balanced diet, exercise and oral medicines are also prescribed. Bariatric surgery is generally the last resort when everything else fails to push your weight scale down.

4. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is fast catching on as the preferred choice of not only combating obesity, but also keeping other deep rooted disorders in check. Hypnotherapy requires self analysis and a willingness to let go of lifestyle patterns which cause harm to your health. It requires great deal of dedication on the person’s behalf to let that change happen. Though individual appointments are expensive, you can go for affordable group sessions to get the best out of hypnotherapy.

In New York, weight loss is growing like a pandemic which has even compelled the government to intervene. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed a sales ban on large size sodas and high calorie drinks in movie theaters and restaurants. This should be enough motivation for New York’s weight loss seeking population since the city government is also on their side in this battle against obesity.

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