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Hemorrhoids Why? How?

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I’ve noticed that a lot of my clients suffer with hemorrhoids. Many people are so embarrassed about their problem even when they come to get colonics they try to keep that to themselves. I don’t want to offend anybody by posting this blog, on the other hand, want to tell a little bit about statistic on hemorrhoids and also share some home remedies that can be far more effective than expensive over the counter medication.

According to the American College of Surgeons two out of three adults have had, currently have or will have a case of hemorrhoids. So, you are not alone in this world with this problem and there are many ways to either prevent this condition, or treat it with inexpensive, natural remedies that in most cases are proven to work.

Along with treating your condition with natural, nonchemical remedies, there are ways to speed up the healing process such as:

• Keep the bowels as clean as possible.
• Drink lots of fruit juices and vegetable juices.
• Do not strain or hold your breath while having a bowel movement.
• Take walks after meals.

Natural Remedies
Consider using some of the below posted suggestions and, hopefully, in a few days, you will have this problem behind you.

• Apply liquid lecithin directly on the hemorrhoids, once a day, until they disappear.
• Take a warm bath. If your hemorrhoids are really bad you can do that several times a day.
• Eat three raw unprocessed almonds every day. Make sure to chew each one about 50 times (even though it sounds a little crazy, people claim it works).
• Consider taking advantage of the healing properties of the enzymes in papaya. Deep in a sterilized cotton ball in a pure papaya juice. Place it on the hemorrhoid area and secure it in a place with a bandage. The juice should help stop the bleeding and bring the irritation under control.
To prevent hemorrhoids in a first place, it is recommended to increase the fiber and fluids intake. The idea is to keep your stools soft so you don’t need to strain when moving your bowels which is the main cause of hemorrhoids. About fiber properties read my next post that will be coming really soon.

Happy Healing! 🙂


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