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Effective colonics

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There is absolutely nothing pleasing about pumping in 60 litres of water through your rear end. But, the after effects when correct procedure and course of colonic irrigation happens, is ‘amazing’, exclaim many who gave it a try. Colon irrigation as the name suggests is a procedure for cleaning your colon or rather flushing it using simple water or different medicated concoctions. It is believed to clear your colonic system from unwanted waste material and microorganisms that could make you unwell.

Lets us become aware about the various procedures involved in colonic irrigation as practised by trained professionals. Read on to know more about the steps involved in a typical colon cleansing session.

Medical fitness- First of all when you approach a colon clinic your physical status will be checked and the therapist may request your medical records. According to your physical condition and treatment purpose, therapy sessions will be planned.

Diet -You may be asked to adhere with a punctual diet pattern designed specifically for you by the consulting specialists. The diet decided is distinct for each person who enrols for colon therapy sessions.

Procedure  to cleanse- Colon cleansing commences with the patient made to lie on their left side. This is the most preferred position for insertion of speculum into your rectum. After satisfactorily positioning the speculum within your body, the flushing process begins. Several times fresh water or medicated mixes are pumped in and used water is thrown out via the speculum tubes.

Therapy sessions- The number of times an individual would be recommended to undergo colon-cleansing session depends entirely on the colonic practitioner who has analysed your physical status thoroughly. People with certain health conditions like anaemia, cardiac problems, hypertension etc are advised against colon therapy

It is very important to be aware of the institution you enrol for colon hydrotherapy. Make sure they are genuine colonics with experience and expertise. Fivestarcolonic is an example of an undeniably reliable colon treatment centre in United States and New Jersey. They possess the best efficient team of experts looking forward to warding off your colon troubles and other such ailments.

There are several references to this technique in history and numerous clinics that offer such treatments, but when it comes to your health trust only the experts like Fivestarcolonic. It is a leading colonic treatment centre in US capital New York and New Jersey.


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