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Colonic Procedure: Facts You Should Know

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Did you know, that the equipment used for colon hydrotherapy, would have to be in strict compliance with the guidelines put forth by the FDA? There could be various other such relevant facts you need to be aware of, before resorting to a colonic procedure of any kind. A colonic cleansing process can be advised to you in case you have problems emptying your bowels on a regular basis. Accumulated wastes in the colon could result in toxicity which can in turn cause to serious health problems. Undertaking colon hydrotherapy can actually help you to clean the colon thoroughly, helping you to feel lighter and more energetic.

Before undertaking any colonic procedure, the very first requirement would be to arrive at a dependable service to resort to. To be able to assess the services provided, you would be required to be abreast with some of the most essential facts associated with colonic cleansing processes. Evaluating the services at hand would be easier when you armed with all the essential information which can help in better understanding of the process.

Colonic Procedure: Facts Related to Colonic Hydrotherapy and Irrigation

Some of the facts associated with colonic procedure would include:

  1. The colonic hydrotherapy procedure would begin by inserting a pipe into the rectum of the patient. This pipe is meant to carry warm and filtered water into the colon for cleaning out the impurities.
  2. The hydrotherapy equipment should also comprise of a multi stage purification mechanism for the water, before it can be allowed to pass into the colon.
  3. Cleansing of wastes through such colonic procedures will not involve any stench whatsoever. The waste would be passed out through a completely closed disposal tube, and discarded. The equipment would be sterilized and cleaned thoroughly, before using it on another patient.
  4. Along with this equipment based procedure, a skilled hydrotherapist would also apply massage techniques for loosening rigid wastes and fecal matter, effectively.
  5. A single colonic procedure can almost never clean up the entire colon in a single attempt. The process might have to be typically repeated for effective cleaning. Ideally, follow up sessions for colonic cleaning would be advised within a gap of 3 to 6 months.
  6. The temperature and pressure of the water used in this colonic procedure would be effectively manipulated by the hydrotherapist so that cleansing can be maximized.
  7. A typical hydrotherapy procedure would not consume less than 25 to almost 35 gallons of water which will be passed through the colon for flushing out waste.
  8. A colonic cleansing process would be almost equivalent to about 20 to 30 regular bowel movements.
  9. Hydrotherapy would require around 45 minutes for total completion.
  10. A colon cleansing exercise might often be followed up with relatively sluggish bowel movements. This would be due to the associated weakness in the bowels. You might require strengthening and nourishing it, subsequently.
  11. In certain isolated cases, a colonic procedure can result in mild diarrhea or loose motions.
  12. You colon can never be completely void of waste. This is because it is continually in use and waste accumulation is a relentless outcome of essential digestive functions.

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