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An Introduction to Colon Detoxification

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The colon is possibly one of the most important organs in our body. It takes care of the final process of digestion, ensuring that the body receives all the important nutrients and that the waste is eliminated completely. This means that a healthy colon is vital to a healthy body. It detoxifies the body by removing salt from the wastes and thereby ejecting toxins and waste materials from the body. Unfortunately, the task of the organ is such that it not only tends to accumulate toxins over time, it is a hot bed for parasitic growth. This is where colon detoxification becomes important.

At the time of constipation, as the waste remains in our colon for an excessive period of time, it allows toxins to enter our intestines via the cell lining. Colon therapy helps in removing these toxins before they can cause harm.

Colon Detoxification: Why do we need it?

Yes, this is a relevant question that may arise in your mind. Why do we need to detoxify the colon? And moreover, where do these toxins come from?

The answer of these can be found in the following points:

  • Unhealthy Eating Habits – So who doesn’t like junk food? Despite knowing that such foods cause harm to our metabolism, we crave them! This is what precisely invites toxins into our body.
  • In addition, alcohol and drug consumption affects the system and may give rise to various colon illnesses, such as constipation and even colon cancer, in extreme cases.
  • Ailments of the colon hamper the process of proper waste elimination from our body, allowing various toxins and poisons to get soaked into our system through the colon.

Now this is exactly where colon detoxification comes into the picture. The basic purpose of colon detoxification is to augment the functioning of the colon so that the digestive system functions smoothly.

The process of detoxification also helps in maintaining good bowel movement, which in turn provides the colon with relief from the toxins. To support the optimal functioning of your colon, you should consider a healthy diet that is high in plant fiber and other important nutrients. It can be observed that most of the colon detoxification programs would recommend a diet that is rich in herbs, which automatically provide a cushion to the colon and strengthen the digestive system.

Colon Detoxification: What to eat for best results?

Fiber is immensely significant to make the process of colon detoxification a success. This is because it provides a good solution for gastrointestinal problems like constipation and colorectal cancer. Although most people generally consume around 10-15 grams fiber in a day, it is better to consume it in excess of 20 grams. This would only be possible if we regularly include fiber in our diet in the form of cereals, fruits, green vegetables and oatmeal.

Also, high consumption of fluids, excluding alcohol, is advisable. The consumption of animal protein (such as red meat) could lead to constipation. Therefore, it is better to limit such protein during colon detoxification.


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